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World Sake Day 2021 – Yukino’s Recommendations

October 1st is SAKE DAY

Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association (JSS) has set October 1st as “Sake Day” in 1978 with the wish to impart the identity of sake, the national beverage of Japan, to future generations and to deepen the love and understanding for it.

In Japan, the Chinese Zodiac of 12 animals was originally used to represent the months of the year.

The 10th, the “rooster”, is represented with the character 「酉」 and is read as “tori (bird)”.


It was originally the symbol representing the shape of a jar, meaning “sake or liquor.”

October is when the new rice is harvested and when the sake-making begins. Therefore, October 1st was said to be the New Year’s Day of sake brewing.

Yukino recommends categorizing Sake into these 3 styles when you pick and choose.

1. Light & Dry Style

2. Fruity & Aromatic Style

3. Earthy & Umami-rich Style

We hope you will find your favourite Sake!

Let’s get started!

Light & Dry Style Sake

DEWAZAKURA 出羽桜 (Yamagata)

Seijo Karakuchi 誠醸辛口

YOSHINOGAWA 吉乃川 (Niigata)

Ginjo Gokujo 吟醸極上

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Fruity & Aromatic Style Sake

SHICHIDA 七田 (Saga)

Junmai 純米


Saika Daiginjo 彩華大吟醸

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Josen 上撰


Toraji no Uta とらじの唄 

Earthy & Umami-Rich Style Sake

TENGUMAI 天狗舞 (Ishikawa)

Kimoto Junmai 生酛純米

KENBISHI 剣菱 (Hyogo)

Kuromatsu 黒松

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