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吉乃川 眞浩蔵 大吟醸原酒 山田錦7年

Available in 720ml (Gift box)

Tasting Comment:

This sake is Yoshinogawa’s special limited release to celebrate our 470th anniversary.

Only 1000 bottles were produced at Yoshinoagawa’s Shinkogura brewery.

This sake is produced from 100% King of Sake rice ‘Yamadanishiki’, and is slowly crafted with our 470 years’ experience.  It was matured at minus 5 degrees in tank for 7 years.

Long maturation gives a depth of integration of flavours, and makes its texture silky smooth.  Incredibly complex with white flower and a hint of white pepper on nose.  Delicately integrated flavours lead you to subtle fruit, strawberry and creamy vanilla.   Finish is long and clean with a touch of ricey sweetness.

Food Suggestion:

Ingredients: Water, Rice, Koji Rice, Brewed Alcohol

ALC/VOL: 17%