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吉乃川 みなも 純米大吟醸

Available in 720ml (Gift box)

Tasting Comment:

This is one of Yoshinogawa’s flagship Sakes- Minamo. Minamo means ‘Water’s surface’. Yoshinogawa with their Sake will flow like a river and be close to your life.
It takes extreme craftsmanship to blend a number of different sakes to create this wonderful, elegant Junmai Daiginjo full of finesse.

Floral, generous fruit on the nose with clean texture and layers of delicious fruitiness on the palate with soft clean acidity. The finish is crisp and dry. It is a great example of Niigata regional style of Sake

Food Suggestion:

Calamari, grilled beef with salt, miso based dishes, sukiyaki, sashimi, oysters

Ingredients: Water, Rice, Koji Rice

ALC/VOL: 15%