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TSUKINOKATSURA Heiankyo Junmai Daiginjo

月の桂 平安京 純米大吟醸

Available in 720ml (Gift box)

Tasting Comment:

‘Heiankyo’ is one of Kyoto’s old city names in Japanese history. This is Tsukinokatsura’s flagship Junmai Daiginjo and it is produced from 100% local ‘Iwai’ rice.

Tsukinokatsura has been working with local rice farmers for more than 20 years to enable Kyoto’s original Sake rice ‘Iwai’ to be cultivated pesticide-free. Iwai rice gives a fuller body with sweet steamed rice character and elegance. Fruity aromas like apple and pineapple, and a creamy texture. Full flavoured and the finish is clean and very long.

Ingredients: Water, Rice, Koji Rice, Sake Yeast

ALC/VOL: 16%