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Shinshu Asagi Madara 8YO Blended Whisky

マルス 信州 浅葱斑

Available in 700ml (Gift Box)

Tasting Comment:

This is a very limited edition for Mars Whisky to celebrate their renewed Shinshu distillery after 35 years since it opened in Nagano prefecture.

Mars Shinshu distillery is located high in the Japanese Alps in Nagano at around 800m above sea level.

Pure mineral water from the mountain is used for whisky making and the distillery is surrounded by beautiful clean air.

Short hot summers encourage maturation, and long cold winter gives whisky slow and gentle maturation as well as a break.

This whisky is a blended whisky between malt and grain whisky.

The malt whisky was distilled by Mars’s original pot still designed by Mr. Iwai and was matured in bourbon and American white oak for at least 8 years.  And the grain whisky was also aged for at least 8 years.

It shows freshness with a floral-like rose and lilies on the nose.  Sweetness on the palate like pear and honey with a hint of white pepper.   Well-balanced and elegant mouthfeel from long aging in cask.

The finish is long and clean.   Enjoy an expression of the forest environment of the Alps in the Shinshu region.


Asagi Madara butterflies are seen near Mars Shinshu distillery around September every year.

ALC/VOL: 48%