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沢の鶴 100人の利酒師 純米生原酒

Available in 720ml

Tasting Comment:

‘Kikizakeshi’ means ‘certified Sake taster’ in Japan. Sawanotsuru has more than 100 Kikizakeshi working in their company and all contribute to maintaining their overall quality level.

This special Sake is dedicated to the role they play, and is made by the traditional sake-making method called ‘Kimoto’ with 100% ‘King of Sake’ rice ‘Yamadanishiki’, non-diluted with water (Genshu) and unpasteurised (Nama). As a result, you can enjoy the vibrant flavours, freshness and layered texture. Ripe fruit on the nose, with a creamy texture and lots of Umami on the palate. Finishes long and clean.

Ingredients: Water, Rice, Koji Rice, Sake Yeast

ALC/VOL: 18.5%