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マルス ツインアルプス

Available in 750ml

Tasting Comment:

Mars Shinshu distillery is located near Mt. Komagatake and is at the top peak of the Kiso mountain range of the Japanese Alps in Nagano Prefecture at around 800m above sea level.

Groundwater from 120 m below is used for whisky making and the distillery is surrounded by beautiful clean air.
This whisky is called ‘Twin Alps’ to acknowledge that the distillery is located between the central and Southern Alps. A distinctive rich full body finishes with cacao and a hint of bitter chocolate.

Complex and well-balanced whisky. Rich golden colour and it is aromatic whisky. Soft mountain water creates a very smooth texture.
Soft smoky and woody characters from casks and fruity sweetness make this whisky very approachable. Great to serve with ice or make your own Japanese highball.

ALC/VOL: 40%

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