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MARS WHISKY The Lucky Cat – ‘Luna’ Blended Whisky

マルス ラッキーキャット ルナ

Available in 700ml (Gift box)

Tasting Comment:

This is The Lucky Cat ‘Luna’ Series No 7. All the cats in this series were rescued by Mr. Hombo, President of Mars Whisky, and his family.

The cat named ‘Luna’ is referred to the beautiful moonlit night when she joined Mr. Hombo’s family in October 2020.

Luna is still young with so much energy. Mr. Hombo’s family thought Choco was very energetic, but Luna is even more so, Mr. Hombo says with his smile.
This whisky is a double sherry cask finished-dry Spanish sherry Manzanilla and Oloroso casks.
The balance between bitterness and sweetness creates a complex layer of flavours.
Caramel, cacao, and brown sugar on the nose, bitterness, and sweetness like Gâteau au Chocolat and rum raisins on the palate.

The finish is elegant and long. Very limited release.

ALC/VOL: 40%