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MARS WHISKY The Lucky Cat – ‘Choco’ Blended Whisky

マルス ラッキーキャット チョコ

Available in 700ml (Gift box)

Tasting Comment:

This is The Lucky Cat ‘Choco’ Series No 6.   All the cats in this series were rescued by Mr. Hombo, President of Mars Whisky, and his family.

The cat named ‘Choco’ came into Mr. Hombo’s family in April 2017 with Hana, Choco’s sister.  Choco’s personality is much more outgoing than Hana’s and gets her Mum (Mrs. Hombo) surprised gifts from wild nature.

This whisky has been finished in Port wine casks.   So the whisky has a bit of sweetness and fruit while offering some complexity to the dram.

Brown sugar, maple syrup, and toasty aromas on the nose, gentle tannin works well to bring up the sharpness in the body.

The finish is elegant and long with cacao from the port wine cask.

Limited release.

ALC/VOL: 40%