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マルス モルト デュオ 駒ケ岳X秩父

Available in 700ml (Gift box)

Tasting Comment:

A special collaboration between Mars Whisky (Komagatake) and Venture Whisky (Chichibu).  Both whisky makers are well known for their artisan whiskies.

The new bottle is the result of a collaboration between the two distilleries in terms of a whisky exchange.  This project started in 2015 when both companies exchanged their new-make whisky and matured at each other’s distilleries.

Mars Shinshu (Komagatake) Distillery is the high altitude in Nagano Prefecture where the climate is cold, and the Chichibu Distillery is in Saitama Prefecture, and it has a warmer climate and lower altitude.  Almost 6 years of maturation in Bourbon Cask, American White Oak Casks (new), and Sherry Casks are then blended together, and the result is complex and shows additional expressions.

Showing sweetness like maple syrup, and plum with a hint of orange peel, also milky sweetness is present from Chichibu Distillery’s whisky on the nose, the palate shows brandy cake, cacao, nutmeg spiciness with gentle peat smokiness.  Clean and long finish with ripe tannin similar to what you could find in black tea.

ALC/VOL: 54%