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MARS WHISKY Tsunuki The First

マルス 駒ヶ岳 津貫 ザ・ファースト

Available in 700ml (Gift box)

Tasting Comment:

Tsunuki Distillery is the second distillery of Mars Whisky and is in the Kagoshima Prefecture in the south of Japan and was built in 2016. The location of this distillery is also the birthplace of their business Hombo Shuzo Co. more than 100 years ago.

The name tells you this single malt is the first single malt distilled and matured at Tsunuki.  Beautiful pure water is used, and the natural environement with day and night-time temperature change has considerable and unique influence on this whisky.

It was shiny amber colour as a sign of age and shows concentrated sweet aromas such as vanilla and maple syrup on nose. A warm mouthfeel is showing layers of flavour with sweetness and fruitiness. Finish is long and complex. Enjoy and expression of Tsunuki Distillery’s true style.

ALC/VOL: 59%