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剣菱 瑞穂

Available in 720ml (Gift box)

Tasting Comment:

Kenbishi is very classic – keeping same Sake making methods which involve Yamahai method and wild yeast. King of Sake rice ‘Yamadanishiki’ 100% used. ‘Mizuho’ means ‘ear of rice’, but in this case, Kenbishi meant it is ‘Junmai’. Blends of 2 YO to 8 YO tank aged Sake. Distinctive golden colour. Medium to full body. It shows honey, malt and nuts on nose. High in Umami and acidity. Texture is smooth and mouth coating warmth. Rich and complex on the palate with a crisp long finish.

Food Suggestion:

Grilled fish, black garlic cod, scallops, BBQ duck, chicken or lamb. Strong miso or soy sauce flavoured dishes such as teriyaki, sukiyaki or miso hot pot. Truffle infused dish is very good compliment.

Ingredients: Rice, Koji Rice

ALC/VOL: 17.5%


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