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剣菱 黒松

Available in 180ml (Microwave safe bottle), 900ml (Gift box)

Tasting Comment:

Kenbishi’s classic style Sake with full flavour with good Umami and acidity in clear light golden colour. Blended with 1 YO to 4 YO aged Sake. A beautifully complex aroma with hints of mushroom, cheese and crushed nuts. The texture is creamy and give a nice spice. When this Sake is served warm, the texture become soft and mild. Umami with sweetness and smooth and mild acidity. Long finish with hint of bitter chocolate.

Food Suggestion:

Grilled fish, black garlic cod, scallops, BBQ duck, chicken or lamb. Strong miso or soy sauce flavoured dishes such as teriyaki, sukiyaki or miso hot pot. Truffle infused dish is very good compliment.

Ingredients: Rice, Koji Rice, Brewed Alcohol

ALC/VOL: 17%


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