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蓬莱泉 夢山水 純米吟醸ワインカスクフィニッシュ

Available in 720ml (Gift box). Limited Edition (300 bottles only)

Tasting Comment:

Japanese Sake is very traditional but this Sake shows the harmony between sake and wine. It combines wonderfully to add depth and complexity of flavour.

This Sake was produced in collaboration with Voyager Estate Winery from Margaret River in Western Australia. Only 300 bottles produced.

This Sake is brewed at Houraisen using 2019 vintage rice. Yumesansui Sake rice is harvested by local rice farmers.

Once this sake was produced, it was aged for another 2.5 months in a French oak cask which was previously used to age Voyager Estate’s flagship 2019 ‘MJW’ Chardonnay.
Hints of warm spices on the nose and Chardonnay character gives grape fruitiness. Full-bodied with a velvety texture with refreshing acidity and sweetness from grain.
It has layers of flavour and Umami. Long and clean finish.

Food Suggestion:

Rich white meat dishes. Grilled tuna or salmon with miso or soy sauce flavour. Your favourite cheese.

Ingredients: Rice, Koji Rice, Sake Yeast

ALC/VOL: 15.9%