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蓬莱泉 アルカディア2019 生酛純米大吟醸

Available in 720ml (with a special wooden gift box)

Tasting Comment:

The brand name Houraisen is referring to Utopia. So ‘Arcadia’ is Houraisen’s new concept to create super special Sake and work with artists from around the world.

2019 is its first release. The artist of this Sake is David Wightman.

This Sake is made with the very traditional Sake making method called Kimoto. Sake made with the Kimoto method generally has much more complexity with clean acidity and layers of flavour.

The shiny gold colour comes from its aging – 2019 vintage. There are tropical fruits like bananas on the nose, and the palate gives a round mouth feel with sweetness but a clean and crisp finish.
All rice used for this Sake is grown by Houraisen without any chemicals used.
The rice is then polished down to 25% to create a supremely elegant Junmai Daiginjo. Only 150 bottles were made.

Ingredients: Water, Rice, Koji Rice, Sake Yeast.

ALC/VOL: 15%