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蓬莱泉 赤い酒 純米

Available in 720ml. Limited Edition (120 bottles only)

Tasting Comment:

This is our first Akai Sake (red coloured Sake) project. For the last year, we worked with Houraisen Brewery on how we can achieve fresh and lively red coloured Sake.

Normally rice used for Sake making is polished, so no colour and Sake is delicate, slightly sweet and low in acidity.

Houraisen’s Sake maker researched for this project and chose and ‘ancient rice’. The rice is such an old variety, there is uncertainty as to what it is. Because this red rice was hardly polished, it has a beautiful ruby red colour, and is very lively and fruity, like cherries.

It has a clean fresh acidity, good balance between Umami and tannin, with complexity.

We hope you enjoy this, and ideally in a wine glass.

Food Suggestion:

Tuna Carpaccio, fresh seafood, vegetable tempura, or cheese like Spanish Manchego.

Ingredients: Rice, Koji Rice, Sake Yeast

ALC/VOL: 14%

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