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Premium Sake Flight

Yukino Ochiai – Sake Samurai, Kikisakeshi, and Sake expert of Deja vu Sake Co.

Welcome to the Premium Sake Tasting Flight.

We hope you enjoy tasting a selection of the finest Junmai Daiginjo and a very special Umeshu.

Each of the sakes chosen for this flight has very different characteristics.

We have prepared short clips below which should be watched as you taste each of the sake.


Let’s get started!


Junmai Daiginjo 35

Tasting Notes:  Amanoto’s highly polished Junmai Daiginjo is their flagship sake and is very elegant and fragrant.

It shows subtle sweetness, yet is crisp and clean with a hint of ginger and spices on the finish.

It pairs beautifully with Sushi, sashimi, and fried foods such as tempura and salt and pepper squid.


Bi Junmai Daiginjo

Tasting Notes: Bi (beauty) is one of Houraisen’s flagship sake’s.

It is a very elegant style of Junmai Daiginjo.

This sake is bottled straight after pressing to deliver very flesh-style Junmai Daiginjo.

It has a nose that indicates sweet fruits.

The palate shows a good balance between the gentle acidity and the sweet fruit flavours.

Goes well with Sashimi, fish carpaccio, vegetable tempura or miso and yuzu flavoured dishes. Steamed shellfish would also work very well.


Minamo Junmai Daiginjo

Tasting Notes:  This is one of Yoshinogawa’s flagship Sakes- Minamo.

Minamo means ‘Water’s surface’.

Yoshinogawa wishes their Sake will flow like a river and be close to your life.

Floral, generous fruit on the nose with a clean texture and layers of delicious fruitiness on the palate with soft clean acidity.

The finish is crisp and dry. It is a great example of Niigata regional style of Sake.


Kanjuku Umeshu


Tasting Notes: Umeshu is produced by infusing very ripe (Kanjuku) Ume fruit into Shochu.

The Shochu used by Houraisen is distilled at their brewery to ensure the highest quality.

This Umeshu has a perfumed character on the nose with hints of rose petals, marzipan and apricot.

It has a rich texture with cleansing acidity with great length.