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This is a strong and savoury aperitif style.  Similar to a Gibson martini.

Powerful Umami, salt and savoury



30ml MARS Wa Bi Gin

30ml KENBISHI Kuromatsu
10ml Amontillado
1 Dash Ango Bitters


Serve in a goblet style glass
Stirred, Up

Garnish with a onion


Courtesy of Christian Blair from Annata Sydney

2011-2013: Eau De Vie in Darlinghurst, Multiple Award Winning Cocktail Bar
2013-2015: Rockpool Bar and Grill
2015- Current: Annata Sydney
2013 Diageo World Class Australian Finalist
2014 Bacardi Legacy Australian Finalist
2015 Belvedere Challenge APAC Finalist
2017 Diageo World Class Australian Finalist