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KIYOMI (The Star Gold Coast) Sake Tasting Flight

Welcome to KIYOMI x Deja vu Sake Co. Sake tasting!

Deja vu Sake Co.’s resident Sake expert, Yukino would like to personally welcome you to this special Sake tasting set.

She will guide you through every step of the way.

We hope this will enhance your Sake experience and knowledge, as well as to expand your Sake world.


Let’s get started!


Ginjo Gokujo  吟醸極上

Gokujo means ‘excellent’.

This sake is crisp, clean, fragrant and silky smooth.

It is matured in a tank for 6 months and bottled every month to keep its freshness.

It has a lean and tight palate with soft acidity.


Dewasansan Junmai Ginjo

出羽燦々 純米吟醸

Dewazakura has used Dewa Sansan sake rice, which they helped to develop.

Using this rice to create a very soft and full flavoured style sake.

It has a very soft and deep flavoured style with good zingy acidity, and a clean and fresh finish.


Kuromatsu  黒松

Kenbishi’s classic style Sake with full flavour with good Umami and acidity in clear light golden colour.

Blended with 1 YO to 4 YO aged Sake.

A beautifully complex aroma with hints of mushroom, cheese, and crushed nuts.

The texture is creamy and gives a nice spice.

When this Sake is served warm, the texture becomes soft and mild.

Umami with sweetness and smooth and mild acidity. Long finish with a hint of bitter chocolate.