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KID KYOTO x Deja vu Sake Interactive Sake Dinner

Welcome to KID KYOTO x Deja vu Sake Co. Sake Dinner!

Welcome to our Sake dinner.

Deja vu Sake Co.’s resident Sake expert, Yukino would like to personally welcome you to this special dinner.

She will guide you through every step of the way tonight.

KID KYOTO & Deja vu Sake Co. have worked together to create the perfect combination of delicious dishes and Sake.

This is a quick introduction to Sake, to whet your appetite before diving into the wonderful world of Sake & food.


Let’s get started!

First course:

Watermelon Nigiri, tamari tare


Surprising, and aromatic Watermelon Nigiri, paired with Kunizakari Josen.

The fruitiness of watermelon echos in gently warmed Josen Sake.

It’s a perfect pair to awaken your taste buds.

Second Course:

Salmon sashimi, mustard miso, okra, ikura

Tsukinokatsura Honjozo 

Textual wonderland, with a gentle nuttiness from mustard miso.

Paired with silky yet medium-bodied Tsukinokatsura Honjozo, from Kyoto.

Did you know Ikura and Sake are the matches made in heaven?

Third course:

Torched Figs, umeboshi, shiso, sesame, whipped tofu

Dewazakura Dewasansan Junmai Ginjo 

Colourful and aromatic dish, combining sweetness and sourness perfectly.

Paired it with Dewazakura Dewasansan Junmai Ginjo, which has refreshing green herb notes and fruitiness, almost like Sauvignon Blanc.

Fourth Course:

Burnt sugarloaf cabbage, brown butter, koji 

Tengumai Umajun Junmai 

The intense, earthy flavour of burnt sugarloaf cabbage is matched with golden, and Umami packed, Tengumai Umajun Junmai.

Earthiness is present in both food and sake, but the good acidity in Umajun Junmai would cut through and makes you want to go back for another bite of the cabbage.

Fifth course:

+5 Wagyu Flank, shallot relish, shishito peppers 

Sawanotsuru Yamadanishiki Junmai 

The intense combination of the caramelized nuttiness of steaks and refreshing flavours of shallot relish and shishito peppers matches perfectly with Sawanotsuru Yamadanishiki Junmai.

This Sake packs a punch as it’s made with the king of sake rice, Yamadanishiki, and presents lots of rice flavour, Umami, and fruitiness.

It also uses hard water from the Kobe Nada area, so the finish is quite dry and cleanses your palate after every bite of steaks.

Sixth Course:

Sake lees custard, roast apple ice cream, kinako crumb, rhubarb

Houraisen Bi Junmai Daiginjo

Many different textures present in this dish.

Usually, we pair a sweet sake or liquor with the deserts… but not tonight.

When the sweet custard and ice cream are paired with Houraisen Bi Junmai Daiginjo, which has fresh, fruitiness like white peach, it creates a slight bitterness.

It is actually quite refreshing at the end of the meal.

Hope you enjoyed your journey through the wonderful combinations of Foods and Sake.