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Kid Kyoto World Sake Day 2022 – Omakase Menu with Sake

Welcome to KID KYOTO x Deja vu Sake Co. Omakase Dinner!

Welcome to our Omakase dinner!

Each course is matched with Sake specially selected by Yukino,

Deja vu Sake Co.’s resident Sake expert.


KID KYOTO & Deja vu Sake Co. have worked together to create

the perfect combination of delicious dishes and Sake.




 First Course:


Maple & Soy roasted nuts, fennel salt

Watermelon sashimi, wakame, pickled ginger,

tamari dressing

Ocean trout, ponzu, wasabi emulsion, ginger oil


with KUNIZAKARI Jousen (Warm)

‘Jousen’ means well selected.

This is an everyday style of Sake and has all you expect in Sake – sweetness, umami, fruitiness, and mild acidity.

Light bodied, crisp and clean finish.

Fruity and aromatic Junmai with peach, melon, and green herbs.

Light to medium body, beautiful balance between fruitiness, yoghurt, and steamed rice characters with a hint of cinnamon.
Koji sweetness is adding a layer to the fruity character.

Clean and long finish.


Second Course:

Corn ribs, smoked chili miso, togarashi

Chicken tsukune, birds nest, marinated yolk, chili rayu


with DEWAZAKURA Dewanosato Junmai (Chilled)


Third Course:

Pork hock, teriyaki, green apple

Charan fried rice, fish floss, furikake

Baby cos, furikake, miso ranch dressing


with FUKUJU Junmai Ginjo (Chilled)


Beautiful balance between aroma, texture, and flavour.

Very low temperature fermentation, which makes Sake very aromatic such as apricots.

Steamed rice character, umami, and acidity lead to a clean dry finish.

This Umeshu is produced by infusing Ume fruit into Shochu.

Fine pureed Ume flesh is added to have
more fruitiness and texture and gives cloudiness.

It has a sweetness like a peach and is tangy with
complex flavour. 


Fourth Course:

Liquorice mousse, coconut sorbet, sake, mochi



KUNIZAKARI Nigori Umeshu, Sake, 

Cherry and Umeboshi jam, Lemon, Whites


DELUXE EDITION of our killer dishes.


First Course:


Daikon mochi, chilli rayu, salted cucumber

Watermelon sashmi, wakame, pickled ginger,

tamari dressing

Tuna sashimi, yuzu, aji amarillo, black rice furikake


with HOURAISEN Beshi Tokubetsu Junmai (Warm)

Beshi is the name given to Houraisen’s Tokubetsu (special) Junmai.

It is beautifully balanced with a gentle but complex nose.

There is fine acidity and fullness on the palate, with a smoothness

and a nice dry finish.

 Minamo means ‘Water’s surface’.

Yoshinogawa Sake will flow like a river and be close to your life.
Floral, generous fruit on the nose with clean texture and layers of delicious fruitiness on the palate with soft clean acidity.

The finish is crisp and dry.

It is a great example of Niigata regional style of Sake.


Second Course:

Corn ribs, smoked chili miso, togarashi

Pork belly yakitori, caper and wasabi tare

Tacoyaki croquettes, bulldog sauce, katsuobushi mayo


with YOSHINOGAWA Minamo Junmai Daiginjo (Chilled)






Third Course:


Crispy skin chicken, blackened onion dashi, ginger oil

Soba noodle, cucumber, fine herbs, sesame


with TENGUMAI Kimoto Junmai (Warm)

‘Kimoto Jikomi’ refers to the traditional method used to make this sake.

This sake has a pale golden colour with an earthy mushroom aroma.

It is a full flavoured sake with spice, umami, and clean acidity.

Warm mouth feels and long and soft finish.

Full flavoured classic style Sake with good Umami and acidity

in clear light golden colour.

Blend of 1 YO to 5 YO aged Sake.

A beautifully complex aroma with hints of mushroom, cheese,

and crushed nuts.

The texture is creamy and gives a nice spice.

Umami with sweetness and smooth and mild acidity.


Fourth Course:

Malt chocolate ganache, raspberry sorbet, umeboshi, Davidson plum meringue


with KENBISHI Kuromatsu (Chilled)