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Established in 1505, Kenbishi is the oldest existing brewery in the Nada Region, and the 4th oldest brewery in Japan. The logo on their label today was trademarked in 1505, and was the first trademark in Sake history.

They produce a very unique style of Sake, continuing to use the Yamahai method, and using wild yeast and natural fermentation, with famous hard water from Nada called Miyamizu. The high mineral content of this water encourages strong fermentation and makes the Sake dry.

Kenbishi’s approach is minimum interference, and results in a longer brewing time. The sake is then matured for an average of 2.5 years.

Kenbishi has the largest number of contracted rice farmers in Hyogo where the king of Sake rice, Yamadanishiki is grown. Kenbishi only use the highest quality Yamadanishiki, and another high quality rice Aiyama.

Their philosophy in sake making is to invest in good quality ingredients. This is Kenbishi’s family tradition, and they wont be influenced by fashion or trends.

Their house style is dry with aged character, with high acidity and umami. In Japanese history, many famous people including Samurai and Geiko loved Kenbishi, it is one of a kind.