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‘Akai Sake’ means ‘red colour Sake’ in Japanese.

Exclusive Limited Edition
With only 120 bottles produced exclusively for the Australian market, this Houraisen and Deja vu collaboration is an exciting addition to our portfolio. Houraisen has been making Sake for over 150 years, and with this Akai Sake, they have combined their traditional Sake brewing skills with a more modern approach.

Ready for the Australian Summer
This Akai Sake presents like a ‘Rose’ and is perfect for hot summer days, showing lots of cherry, strawberry and red berries on the nose, a light to medium body, lively, fresh and clean on the palate, ripe fresh fruit, good clean acidity with a long dry finish. It is well balanced with soft tannins and lots of Umami from the ancient rice used.

The Ancient rice used to make this Sake is harvested localled and is called Mineno Murasaki. Houraisen wanted to use this ancient rice because of its colour and suitability for red Sake. The vivid red colour comes from the unpolished rice which is purple and black in colour. Unlike the standard, polished rice which looks more like pearls, the colour in the ancient rice is concentrated in the outer layer of the grain, containing polyphenol, just like grapes. This provides the tannin and acidity in the Sake.

Houraisen used White Koji mould during Koji making (converting the starch in steamed rice to fermentable sugar). Typically, Yellow koji mould is used to create gentle acidity in Sake. Using White Koji produces a sharper bite with more citrus characters. White koji was selected for this Akai Sake to create lively fresh acidity similar to what we see in wine. The natural water at Houraisen for Sake making is very soft with very few minerals. This soft water slows down the Sake fermentation process and helps create a fruity aroma and a velvety soft texture.

Perfectly Paired
Chilled Akai Sake looks beautiful in a wine glass and can be enjoyed with small goods like prosciutto, tuna salad, salmon carpaccio, pasta, Chinese dumplings or your favourite cheese. Kampai!

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Houraisen Akai Saki Junmai Bottle