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Give the gifts keep on giving…

‘Tis the season, and what a better way to celebrate it with the gifts keep on giving… your favourite beverages!

At Deja vu Sake Co. HQ, we’ve curated the gifts list, and there’s something for everyone.

For Sake newbies:

You or your loved one always want to try Sake, but never had a opportunity or know where to start?

These three beauties are great entry-level Sake for everyone and all pair well with typical holiday dishes.

Why not bring a bottle to Christmas lunch, and start your sake journey with friends and family?



  • FUKUJU Junmai– Green bottle is perfect for Christmas table! Refleshing dryness with good acidity. Goes well with variety of food from oyster to steak, even with pizza.
  • KUNIZAKARI Saika Daiginjo – IWC2020 Bronze medal winner. Great with fresh oyster, prawn and sashimi.
  • YOSHINOGAWA Echigo Ginjo– very eye catching, beautiful blue bottle. Lower alcohol level with clean and fruity character. Great with prawn, season fresh cheese.

For Sake lovers:

If you have a Sake lover in your life, they will sure to be impressed with these gifts.

They are quite affordable, but they taste anything but ordinally.

  • DEWAZAKURA Dewasansan Junmai Ginjo– Soft yet deep flavour with zingy acidity. Many people’s favourite. Goes well with fried food.
  • SHICHIDA Junmai Ginjo – IWC 2020 Silver medal winner. Tropical fruits like lychee, peach, and melon on the nose. Goes well with roasted chicken and grilled steak.
  • TENGUMAI Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo– IWC 2020 Gold medal winner. Full flavour with great complexity. Goes well with Japanese food as well as light spicy Asian dishes.

For Special someone (or spoil yourself!):

Want to spoil someone special? Look no further! We’ve got some special and exclusive Sakes for you!

Japanese Whisky Enthusiasts:

These fabulous ranges of Japanese Whisky by MARS Whisky would impress all the whisky lovers in your life.

They all come already dressed in the gift boxes and ready to go!

  • Iwai Tradition Blended Whisky-Rich gold whisky with complex, sweet honey and malt fragrances. Rich full body whisky, aged in sherry, bourbon and American white oak.
  • Komagatake ‘Limited Edition’ Single Malt Whisky 2019– Single malt whisky. Very limited bottling. Ripe fruits such as persimmon, apricot and orange marmalade on the nose. Recommend to serve it with a little amount of water to enjoy the complex flavour.
  • Maltage “Cosmo” Wine Cask Finish –Limited bottling of Cosmo, which has been extra-seasoned in red wine casks. Shiny ruby red colour. Fruitiness and warm spicinesses, like vanilla and cinnamon.

For your afternoon chills and party nights:

You can never have too many liquors during the silly season… to drink on its own or to make delicious cocktails.

Here are some of our favourites to get your party started!

  • HOURAISEN Kanjuku Umeshu– Made with fully ripe Ume fruits. Rose petal, marzipan and apricot on the nose with clean acidity. Great for drinking, as well as fabulous to drizzle over ice cream.
  • MARS Wa Bi Gin– Means ‘Beautiful Japanese Lady’. Used green tea, shiso and ginger as its key botanicals. Very aromatic and elegant Japanese gin.
  • YOSHINOGAWA Yuzushu– Yuzu is a refreshing Japanese citrus. Perfect for a summer afternoon.

Available at selected liquor stores across Australia.