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Fukuju Sake Tasting Flight

Takenosuke Yasufuku – President of Kobe Shushinkan Brewery.

Welcome to our Fukuju Sake Tasting Flight.

We hope you enjoy tasting a selection of the finest Fukuju Sake’s available. Each of the sakes chosen for this flight tasting have very different characteristics.

We have prepared three short clips below which should be watched as you taste each of the three sake. 


Let’s get started!

First Tasting:

Fukuju Junmai Ginjo

Tasting Notes: Made by fermentation of carefully polished rice.

Fermentation is done at a low temperature for an extended period of time.

This sake has a rich aroma like ripe cherries. Enjoy the taste of fresh fruit and smooth rice. It pairs beautifully with fresh cream or cottage cheese.

Highly recognised by Sommelliers around the world.

Second Tasting:

Fukuju Daiginjo

Tasting Notes: Make exclusively from x rice, cultivated in Kyoto prefecture.  

It has a fresh juicy aroma reminiscent of white peaches and nashi pairs.

With an elegant smooth mouth feel it’s scent lingers. Serve ideally as an aperitif.  

Goes well with mellow, delicate dishes especially shell fish.

Third Tasting:

Fukuju Junmai

Tasting Notes: Refined, fresh and juicy aroma.

This clean, smooth, dry sake has a delicate soft attack.

It offers a rich and mineral taste with a refreshing finish and flavour.

Perfect for dishes with strong flavours such as risotto.