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Cho Cho San Sake Tasting Set

Welcome to Cho Cho San Sake Tasting Set!

Welcome to our Sake tasting set.

Deja vu Sake Co.’s resident Sake expert, Yukino would like to personally welcome you to this special tasting set.

She will guide you through every step of the way.

Cho Cho San & Deja vu Sake Co. have teamed up, so you can enjoy the perfect combination of delicious food and Sake.

We hope that you enjoy each Sake with delicious food, and this tasting set furthers your Sake jorney.


Let’s get started!

YOSHINOGAWA Gensen Karakuchi is Futsu-shu, a great example of “Everyday Sake”.

It’s from Niigata prefecture, and its regional style is clean, crisp, and dry style Sake.

This sake can be enjoyed at any temperature, but Yukino recommends having it lukewarm (40-45℃) to warm your body and soul.

Goes well with refreshing appetizers such as Edamame, Pickles, and cabbage salad.

FUKUJU Junmai Ginjo is packed in a beautiful blue bottle (UV 100%).

It’s from Kobe-city in Hyogo, which was called Nada (灘) in old days, and is a No.1 Sake region in Japan.

Nada Sake is famous for its dry style Sake, thanks to the local water.

Yukino recommends chilling this Sake and having it cold (12-15 ℃).

It has fruity note like apple, melon, pineapple, and watermelon, with a dry and short finish, which bring its Sake flavour back at the end.

Goes well with umami-packed dishes with a bit of fat or sauce, such as teriyaki sauce, as this Sake could be a palate cleanser.

Kunizakari Saika Daiginjo shows the characteristics of Daiginjo (First-grade Sake), which are floral, fruity, elegant, and feminine.

Yukino recommends matching the aroma of this Sake with fragrant, aromatic food such as okonomiyaki or stake.

Best served cold (10-15℃). 

We hope you enjoy the sweetness and fragrance of this sake, which could accentuate aromatic food.

Fourth Sake

KENBISHI Kuromatsu (served warm)

Kenbishi Kuromatsu is quite a different type of Sake.

If you like red wines or whiskies, you will enjoy this one.

It is packed with Umami and has a beautiful golden color as it is a blend of 1-5 YO Sake. The special recipe for this sake and the blend hasn’t changed for 200 years. 

You can enjoy the same Sake as Samurai!

It can be enjoyed at any temperature, but it is great to have this hot (~50℃).

Goes well with rich flavoured dishes that contains miso, butter, or soy sauce, as the Sake has a great balance of umami, acidity and sweetness.