Yoshinigawa Daiginjo

EST. 1548

Yoshinogawa is located in the Niigata Prefecture in the small city of Nagaoka City and is today run by 19th generation owner Kawakami san. Yoshinogawa are the largest sake producer in the Niigata region.

On the palate this sake shows hints of strawberry, musk, ginger and herbs, and has a strong 'ginjo-ka' character.

Style : Daiginjo

Rice Type : Gohyakumangoku for Kojimai (Rice used for making Koji). Gohyakumangoku for Kakemai (Rice used for making Sake).

Rice Grown : Niigata

Rice Polishing Ratio : 40%

Alcohol : 16.0%

Serve : Chilled/Room Temp